Revolutionizing Agriculture: Agrifeeder’s Innovative Approach to Sustainable Farming

In the heartlands of rural India, where agriculture is the backbone of livelihoods, a quiet revolution is underway. Agrifeeder, a pioneering startup, is not just offering Agri Products but transforming the very landscape of farming practices. With a vision to empower farmers and enhance agricultural productivity, Agrifeeder has emerged as a beacon of hope, ushering in a new era of sustainable farming practices.

What does Agrifeeder do?

Agrifeeder is bridging the gap between farmers and customers. It brings naturally grown products right from the field to your home. The products are developed with minimal processing so that you get the authentic taste and benefit of the product.

By sourcing directly from small-scale farmers, we empower them economically and support sustainable agricultural practices

Behind the Story

Raman and Rounak were born into a humble farmer’s family, and they knew the challenges of agriculture and a farmer’s life. Raman envisioned building a platform to bridge the gap between farmers and buyers. Although money was tight, Raman was determined to make his dream a reality. He undertook various roles, including that of a milk seller, without losing sight of his vision and soon formed the Agrifeeder team. The approach of Agrifeeder is holistic; we empower not only the farmers but also their wives through training. In 2017, we launched lemongrass tea. Although the monetary returns were modest in the beginning, the impact Agrifeeder had created was immense and profound in the hearts of many.

During the Covid crisis, our distribution of lemongrass to patients and families marked a significant milestone, leading to increased demand for tea. Recognised at the Delhi Emporium and lauded by the Drishti Foundation and IIT BHU, our network now includes over 230 farmers dedicated to crafting preservative-free products, signifying the beginning of our inspiring journey.

How does Agrifeeder contribute to supporting local farmers and communities?

Since our inception in 2017, Agrifeeder has been dedicated to empowering Bihar’s farmers. We have our farms where we work with local farmers, providing them with fair opportunities to cultivate and sell their produce. By sourcing directly from them, we ensure they receive recognition and fair remuneration for their hard work, fostering local community development.

Various Range Of Products

As Agrifeeder continues to grow and expand its reach and its product categories. started with a lemongrass tea with different spices and flavours Chana Sattu they come so far. Their Lemongrass Tea is 100% caffeine-free. It’s sustainably sourced from the rich soil in Bihar. The tea leaves are hand-picked by local farmers and sun-dried to seal in all those nutrients, so you just get a pure, wholesome drink without any artificial additions.

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