Sattuz; The Story of Bihar’s Traditional Superfood

In the heart of Bihar, Sachin Kumar has revitalized a traditional superfood with his startup, Sattuz. Sattu, a flour made from roasted gram and barley, has been a staple in Indian households for centuries. Recognizing its potential as a healthy alternative to carbonated drinks, Sachin launched Sattuz in 2018. The company offers ready-to-mix Sattu drinks in flavours like jal jeera, chocolate, and sweet, aiming to replace less nutritious options in the market.

Sattuz is an idea of care, an idea of happiness. In the journey of keeping in touch with our roots, tradition and goodness, Sattuz is our first step. It’s More than a product, it is an emotion.

Despite initial challenges, including limited awareness of Sattu outside certain regions of India, Sattuz has made significant strides. The product is hygienic, gluten-free, vegan, and preservative-free, priced affordably at Rs 20 per sachet. The startup, supported by funding from Indian Angel Funding (IAF) and the Bihar Industry Association (BIA), is now looking to expand its market reach both domestically and internationally

Sachin’s dedication to providing a nutritious and convenient alternative to unhealthy beverages has not only brought Sattu back into the spotlight but also created employment opportunities for local farmers. As Sattuz continues to grow, the vision is clear: to see this humble superfood gain the recognition it deserves, both in India and around the world.

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