Top 5 Female Entrepreneurs In Bihar

Top 5 Female Entrepreneurs of Bihar – WOMEN’S DAY SPECIAL

“Embarking on a journey to celebrate the indomitable spirit of female entrepreneurship in Bihar, join us as we unveil the inspiring stories of the Top 5 trailblazing women who have redefined success, shattered stereotypes, and left an indelible mark on the business landscape of this vibrant state.”

Yashi Malviya and Sukirti Roy, Bihar Bytes

Bihar Bytes is a unique startup that works at unleashing the ‘real’ Bihar. The foundation was laid by two young journalists, Yashi Malviya and Sukriti Roy Yadav. These two female entrepreneurs in Bihar are actively changing the way people perceive Bihar.

Bihar Bytes, founded by Yashi Malviya and Sukirti Roy, promotes Bihar’s rich heritage and tourism through digital content. Starting as a YouTube channel, they rebranded to Bihar Bytes to showcase lesser-known attractions and tackle the state’s negative portrayal, making it more tourist-friendly.

Bihar Bytes is a platform that does away with any misconceptions regarding the state and promotes the heritage and the rich culture of Bihar. To increase tourism in Bihar, they have travelled extensively.

Ambika Deo, Ink Company

Ink Company founded by Ambika Deo, is revolutionizing the fashion industry with a focus on sustainability and women’s empowerment. As a 100% women-owned startup, it uses 100% cotton fabric and aims to weave stories of empowerment through its apparel, also providing employment and skill development for women in Bihar.

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Shazia Qaiser, Shoe Laundry

Born in Bhagalpur, Shazia Qaiser has worked with UNICEF and WHO. She started her service, Revival Shoe Laundry in 2014 in Bihar, and for the first couple of years, she mainly focused on market research. The unique laundry services offered cover–cleaning and refurbishing of leather items such as bags and jackets and also shoe repairs.

After the initial launch, her business was not profitable and she incurred losses, but she
overcame the challenges and made a mark. Incidentally, she aims at keeping as many women as she possibly can, in her team.

Namita Priya

Namita Priya is a social entrepreneur from Bihar, India working toward developing Rural India by empowering young Individuals and women and creating sustainable society. She is a co-founder of Womenia Story.

She is a founding member of Campus Varta. She graduated from the Tata Institute of Social Science, Tuljapur Campus. She is the co-drafter of the Proposal of Patna University Incubation Hub which is the first Incubation centre in any university of Bihar and the Young Entrepreneur award recipient from BMUS.

Kalpana & Uma Jha, Jha Ji Store

Jhaji Founders Kalpana & Uma Jha’s Journey Of Turning Their Passion Into A Bankable Business. Jhaji Store founders Kalpana Jha and Uma Jha joined us for a quick Instagram live interaction recently. The founders spoke about kickstarting the business, turning their passion for making pickles into business and a lot more.

JhaJi Store is an online pickle store that sells homemade achar using authentic, traditional recipes from Mithilanchal in North-Eastern.

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“As we conclude this exploration into the remarkable narratives of Bihar’s Top 5 female entrepreneurs, it’s evident that these women have not only defied societal norms but have also become architects of change in the business realm. Their tenacity, innovation, and commitment to their visions serve as beacons of inspiration, lighting the way for aspiring entrepreneurs in Bihar and beyond. The stories we’ve uncovered showcase not only the diversity of talent but also the immense potential that lies within the entrepreneurial spirit of women. Let these tales resonate and continue to fuel the fires of ambition, pushing boundaries and creating a more inclusive and empowered future for all.”

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