Top 7 game-changing Startup in Tamilnadu

“Embark on a journey of discovery as we unveil the dynamic and innovative spirit of Tamil Nadu through our showcase of the top 7 startups that are shaping the state’s entrepreneurial landscape. From cutting-edge technology to groundbreaking solutions, these ventures exemplify the prowess and ingenuity that define Tamil Nadu’s thriving startup ecosystem.”

1. Emote Electric

Emote Electric is an award-winning full-stack E-2W manufacturer disrupting the transport sector with…Emote Electric, established in 2019, originated from Pranav Singanapalli’s endeavors dating back to 2011 under the name eMotion Motors. Details about the release date and pricing of their Surge motorcycles, India’s first geared electric bikes, were initially unavailable. Upon inquiry, Pranav revealed plans for a mid-2024 launch.

Emote Electric makes India’s 1st Smart Geared electric vehicles that outperform petrol counterparts while matching them on price and convenience. The indigenously developed “Surge” e-motorcycle pays for itself in 3 years while offering far better load-carrying capacity, flexibility, and futuristic features. It accelerates the transition to electric by lowering mental and financial barriers and blurring the line between petrol and electric motorcycles. Emote Electric is the 1st Indian start-up to export vehicles and is unique in having B2B and B2C products available for a worldwide demographic.

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2. Buyo Fuel

Buyofuel, founded in 2020 by Kishan Karunakaran, Venkateshwaran Selvan, Sumanth Selvarasu, and Prasad P Nair, is a B2B marketplace facilitating biofuels and raw materials transactions. Inspired by APJ Abdul Kalam’s vision from 2011, they tackle supply chain challenges, ensuring quality and quantity, and have achieved substantial revenue in three years.

Buyofuel is to create an empowering platform for trading biofuel-based commodities quickly and securely, providing a nurturing platform with verified buyers and sellers.

3. Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry emerged from Megha and Pritesh Asher’s shock at discovering petroleum-based ingredients in “organic” skincare. Founded in 2014 in Coimbatore, they initially operated profitably online before raising funds in 2021, enabling offline expansion. Now aiming for 500 stores, they pursue an ARR target of 100 crore rupees.

Juicy Chemistry was started to provide simplified skincare. The vision is to dig deep into nature and its method of renewal and rejuvenation and use all organic materials and essential oils to form skincare products. Their products are cruelty-free, synthetic, vegan, free of artificial fragrance, and have no preservatives or synthetic additives.

4. Greenviro global

GREENVIRO was founded in 2010 in Cluj, Romania, as a privately held consulting firm providing a broad range of services to clients concerned with the problems of aligning to environmental standards, evaluating, measuring and regulating hazardous substances in the environment; in mines, industry facilities, hydro and wind energy plants, public spaces; including also risk assesment in the workplace of employees.

Greenviro Global, initiated by Muruganandam VN in 2019, addresses India’s agricultural waste issue by transforming coconut farm waste into eco-friendly charcoal. Their innovative process, using 3 times less energy than traditional methods, earns them accolades like the National Startup Award 2024 for sustainability. Partnering with 1,000 farmers, they export green charcoal globally.

5. Farm Again

“India’s farms are built on a local-for-local model for generations. It cannot be like the West where food is imported and unified across retail chains,” says Ben Raja, the founder of Farm Again. He adds that the company is an end-to-end farm solutions company, where technology and traditional farming knowledge are combined to increase yields.

Farm Again, founded in 2012 by Benjamin Raja, addresses inefficiencies in farming with IoT devices for precise irrigation and fertilization. Raja’s idea stemmed from observing excessive water usage in his friend’s farm. Now, over 3,500 Indian farmers benefit from increased yields and water conservation through Farm Again’s technology.

6. V Safe

V Safe We are on a mission to provide a safe and secure place for your valuables,
offering peace of mind to our customers.

Established in 2020 by Viknesh Vadivel, Amritha Ganesh, and Satheesh, V Safe manufactures smart lockers and door locks locally in Thajavur. Contrary to assumptions, they design and produce everything in-house, fostering a local manufacturing ecosystem. Their rapid initial sales and export ventures illustrate their growth potential and innovative approach.

7. Happy hens

Happy Hens Farm India, which promotes cage-free and free-range eggs, will start constructing its state-of-the-art farm in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India this month. CEO Ashok Kannan told Asian Agribiz they received funding from the state government and grants from other partners for the project. 

Happy Hens redefines traditional poultry farming by prioritizing hygiene and eliminating antibiotic use. Founded in 2011 by Ashok Kannan, their approach emphasizes natural feed for hens, boosting immunity without antibiotics. With six free-range farms and 30,000 hens, they yield 20,000 eggs daily, generating 3.05 crore rupees in FY23.

“In conclusion, Tamil Nadu’s entrepreneurial landscape is thriving with innovation and resilience, as exemplified by the top 7 startups featured in our blog. These trailblazing ventures not only reflect the state’s dynamic spirit but also inspire a future where innovation knows no bounds in the vibrant business ecosystem of Tamil Nadu.”

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