Top 10 Growing Startups of West Bangal.

The city of Kolkata, being the capital of West Bengal, has been a hub for entrepreneurial activities. Various co-working spaces, incubators, and accelerators have played a role in supporting and nurturing startup ventures. West Bengal, India, has been home to a diverse range of startups across various industries. The startup ecosystem in West Bengal has seen growth in sectors such as technology, healthcare, education, and agriculture. Several factors, including government initiatives, educational institutions, and the availability of talent, have contributed to the emergence of startups in the region.

1) wow! momo

wow! Momo is a fast-food restaurant chain known for its momos. the chain specialises in Momo-filled burgers (MoBurgs) and momo-based deserts. It was established in 2018 by Sagar j Daryani and Binod Homagai. They Specialize in momos, a typical dish in Nepal, Tibet, and India. based on various factors such as volume product innovation variety, and turnover, it has grown to become India’s largest Momo chain and fastest-growing quick-service restaurant chain.

Details of the startup:

. Started in: 2008
. Founders: Binod Kumar Homagai, Sagar Daryani
. Industries: Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Food Processing
. Number of employees: 251-500
. Funding: $37,996,690
. Funding rounds: 5
. Number of investors: 6

2) Sasta Sundar

 India’s most reputable and fastest-growing online pharmacy. Sasta Sundar is an Indian online pharmacy and healthcare platform. It was founded in 2013 to provide affordable and quality healthcare products and services to consumers. Sasta Sundar focuses on making healthcare accessible and affordable, especially in the context of the growing importance of online health services. Through its platform, users can purchase a wide range of pharmaceutical products, wellness products, and healthcare services. The company operates through an integrated platform that includes e-pharmacy, telemedicine services, and health content.

Details of the startup:

  • Started in: 2013
  • Founders: B L Mittal, Ravi Kant Sharma
  • Industries: Alternative Medicine, Baby, Beauty, Food and Beverage, Health Care, Online Portals, Pharmaceutical, Wellness
  • Number of employees: 501-1000
  • Funding: $5,000,000
  • Funding rounds: 1

3) Mihup Communications

Mihup Communications is an Indian artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) company. Mihup specializes in developing speech and language technologies to enhance communication and interaction with devices. The company’s primary focus is on creating voice-enabled solutions and AI-driven applications that can understand and respond to human language.

An app that uses artificial intelligence to act as a personal mobile assistant. Mihup aims to provide more intuitive and efficient ways for individuals to interact with technology, making devices and applications more user-friendly and accessible.

Details of the startup:

  • Started in: 2016
  • Founders: Biplab Chakraborty, Sandipan Chattopadhyay, Sandipan Mandal, Tapan Barman
  • Industries: Android, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Speech Recognition
  • Number of employees: 11-50
  • Funding: $10,000,752
  • Funding rounds: 3

4) Glocal Healthcare

Glocal Healthcare is an Indian healthcare organization that provides accessible and affordable healthcare services, particularly in rural and underserved areas. Glocal Healthcare aims to bridge the gap in healthcare access by offering a combination of telemedicine and physical clinics, known as “Glocal Clinics.”

Glocal Clinics typically serve as hubs for healthcare services, offering a range of medical consultations, diagnostic services, and basic healthcare procedures. Glocal Healthcare is committed to addressing the healthcare needs of communities that may have limited access to medical facilities. By leveraging technology and a decentralized clinic model, the organization seeks to make quality healthcare more readily available to people in remote and rural areas.

Details of the startup:

  • Started in: 2010
  • Founders: Meleveetil Damodaran, Richa Azim, Sabahat Azim
  • Industries: Health Care
  • Number of employees: 1001-5000
  • Funding: $13,788,696
  • Funding rounds: 5

5) Data Sutram

Data Sutram is an AI-based Location Intelligence company that assists businesses in leveraging location-based intelligence. Data Sutram is an Indian technology company that focuses on providing data-driven solutions, particularly in the areas of location intelligence and analytics. The company utilizes geospatial data and advanced analytics to offer insights and solutions for businesses across various industries.

Data Sutram is known for leveraging technology to help businesses make informed decisions based on geographical and location-based data. The company may provide services such as location-based marketing, geospatial analytics, and mapping solutions. By harnessing the power of data, Data Sutram aims to assist businesses in optimizing their operations, understanding customer behaviour, and improving overall efficiency.

Details of the startup:

  • Started in: 2018
  • Founders: Aishik Pyne, Aisik Paul, Alok Mani, Ankit Das, Rajit Bhattacharya, Soumik Chakrabarty
  • Industries: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Integration, Data Visualization, Information Technology, Machine Learning, SaaS
  • Number of employees: 11-50
  • Funding: $302,067
  • Funding rounds: 2

6) Asanify

Asanify provides HR SaaS solutions for startups to companies that automate training and development, HR, and payroll. Asanify is an Indian technology company that specializes in providing human resources and workforce management solutions.

Asanify’s offerings may include features such as payroll management, employee benefits administration, attendance tracking, and other HR-related functions. The company aims to provide businesses with user-friendly and efficient tools to manage their workforce effectively.

Details of the startup:

  • Started in: 2019
  • Founders: Priyom Sarkar
  • Industries: Artificial Intelligence, E-Learning, FinTech, Human Resources, Machine Learning, SaaS, Software
  • Number of employees: 44470
  • Funding: $166,757
  • Funding rounds: 2

7) Arohan Financial

Individuals can borrow money from Arohan Financial. Arohan Financial Services Limited is an Indian non-banking financial company (NBFC) that primarily focuses on microfinance services.

The company aims to provide financial inclusion and empower individuals, especially in rural and underserved areas, by offering microcredit and related financial products. Arohan Financial Services typically caters to individuals who may not have access to traditional banking services and provides them with small-ticket loans to support income-generating activities, entrepreneurship, and livelihood improvement.

Details of the startup:

  • Started in: 2006
  • Founders: Shubhankar Sengupta, Vineet Rai
  • Industries: Finance, Financial Services, Personal Finance
  • Number of employees: 1001-5000
  • Funding: $19,950,425
  • Funding rounds: 3

8) Suraksha Diagnostics

Suraksha Diagnostics is a well-known diagnostic services company that offers pathology and radiology. Suraksha Diagnostics is a healthcare company in India that specializes in diagnostic services. The company is known for providing a wide range of medical diagnostic tests and services to support healthcare professionals in accurate diagnosis and patient care.

Suraksha Diagnostics operates a network of diagnostic centres equipped with modern technology and skilled medical professionals. The services offered by the company may include pathology tests, radiology and imaging services, cardiology diagnostics, and various health check-up packages. Suraksha Diagnostics aims to contribute to the healthcare ecosystem by delivering reliable and high-quality diagnostic solutions.

Details of the startup:

  • Started in: 1992
  • Industries: Health Care, Health Diagnostics
  • Number of employees: 251-500
  • Funding: $80,183,541
  • Funding rounds: 3

9) Sasta Bazaar

Clothing, furniture, cookware, crockery, cutlery, sporting equipment, and other related things are available at Style Bazaar. Style Bazaar is a chain of retail stores in India that offers a diverse range of fashion and lifestyle products. These stores typically provide a one-stop shopping experience, encompassing clothing, accessories, and other lifestyle items.

Style Bazaar is known for catering to a wide customer base, offering a variety of affordable and trendy fashion options. The stores may feature collections for men, women, and children, covering different styles and preferences. The brand often focuses on creating a contemporary and accessible shopping environment for consumers.

Details of the startup:

  • Started in: 2013
  • Industries: Fashion, Retail, Sales
  • Number of employees: 51-100
  • Funding: ₹511,000,000
  • Funding rounds: 1

10) Teabox

Teabox is a company that creates an online platform that sells organic tea and tea-based items straight from the source. Teabox is an Indian online tea retailer that specializes in sourcing and delivering high-quality teas directly from tea-producing regions to consumers around the world. Teabox aims to revolutionize the way people experience and purchase tea by providing a direct connection between tea growers and consumers.

Teabox operates on a farm-to-cup model, working closely with tea estates to ensure freshness and authenticity in its offerings. The company sources teas from renowned tea-producing regions such as Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri, and others, offering a diverse range of loose-leaf teas and tea blends.

Details of the startup:

  • Started in: 2012
  • Founders: Kausshal Dugarr, Prachi Jain
  • Industries: Delivery, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Sales, Tea
  • Number of employees: 251-500
  • Funding: $14,000,000
  • Funding rounds: 9
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