Top 7 Growing Startups Based in Madhya Pradesh

Top 7 Growing Startups Based in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh, located in the heart of India, has emerged as a breeding ground for innovative startups, contributing significantly to the country’s burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem. Here’s an introduction to the top 7 growing startups based in Madhya Pradesh, each making its mark in diverse industries.

Swaayatt Robots

Swaayatt Robots is one of the few Indian startups working on solving the autonomous challenges from a pure algorithmic point of view.

“Our product is an autonomous driving software, which can be integrated with any vehicle with necessary controllers and computational hardware,”.

The way the software works is the cameras and sensors (perhaps LIDARs) provide the visual sensory data. The perception algorithms process this data and build a 3D (or projected 2D) model of the world around a vehicle. 

Details of startups

Started in: 05/21/2015
. Founders: Sanjeev Sharma
. Industries: Autonomous
. Number of employees: 11-50
. Funding: $2.96M
. Funding rounds: 160
. Number of investors: 468

Kha Digi

Kha Digi is a social enterprise working to revive the age-old traditions of textile craft.

Employing handloom weavers, dyers, block printers and other artisans, Bhopal-based Kha Digi’s fabrics are either handspun or handwoven using cotton, silk, soya waste or bamboo – all of which are 100% sustainable. They work to ensure socio-economic stability for the 1000+ employed artisans and collaborate with them to explore new ideas for upcoming trends in fashion .

KhaDigi is working to upskill these artisans in using advanced machinery as well as working with them on product development and marketing.

Details of Startups

Started in: 2017
. Founders: Umang Shridhar
. Industries: social Fabric
. Number of employees: 41-60
. Funding: $95.2 Million
. Funding rounds: 1
. Number of investors: 1

The Kabadiwala

The word “kabadi” is derived from the Hindi language and is commonly used in India.

Kabadiwalas play a crucial role in waste management and recycling. They collect various recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics, metals, and glass from households, businesses, and industries. After collecting these materials, they sell them to recycling centers or processing units where they are recycled into new products. Many kabadi Walas operate independently or as part of small businesses, contributing to both waste reduction and the economy.

Details of Startups

. Started in: 2013
. Founders: Binod Kumar Anurag Asati
. Industries: Waste Collection
. Number of employees: 40-46
. Funding: $16.2 million


Gramophone is an AgTech data-driven technology platform helping farmers achieve better yields by providing information and input planning.

Gramophone was started in 2016 and offers agronomic intelligence and the delivery of agri inputs like seeds, crop protection and crop nutrition products. Along with this Gramophone also enables the selling of produce for farmers by bringing traders and farmers on the same platform.

Details of Startups

. Started in: 2016
. Founders: Tauseef Khan, Nishant Vats, Harsit Gupta
. Industries: Internet Publishing
. Number of employees: 251-400
. Funding: $25.2M
. Funding rounds: 8
. Number of investors: 20

Shop Kirana

Shop Kirana facilities grocery retailer in tier to market to order from various brands. Delivering Within 48 hours. Despite Raising Significant funds, Shop Kirana stays rooted in Madhya Pradesh, Focusing On tier 2 market . Expanding to 14 cities in 6 states, they leads in 8 cities and earn 682 crores in FY23.

ShopKirana is a startup based in India that operates in the B2B (business-to-business) e-commerce space. ShopKirana focuses on connecting local retailers with suppliers, helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to source products efficiently.ShopKirana aims to empower traditional brick-and-mortar stores by offering them a digital platform to manage their inventory, place orders, and access a wide range of products.

. Started in: 2015
. Founders: Deepak Dhanotiya
. Industries: B2B
. Number of employees:710
. Funding: $58.2M
. Funding rounds: 8
. Number of investors: 65

Chai Sutta Bar

Chai Sutta Bar’s inception is remarkable. Anubhav Dubey, amidst UPSC exam preparations, joined school friend Anand Nayak’s chai-selling business idea. They invested 3 lakh rupees, establishing the first outlet in Indore in 2016. Since then, Chai Sutta Bar has expanded to over 550 outlets across India and three in Dubai, generating 150 crore rupees in revenue.

Chai Sutta Bar has always kept our people at the centre of our services. We believe and understand that the whole being of humankind depends on the food they consume. Food that is affordable, reliable, and connected to their culture and ethos. Our chai is the medium of connection between friends, families and strangers.

. Started in: 2016
. Founders: Anubhav Dubey, Anand Nayak
. Industries: Food, Drink
. Number of employees: 1000-1500
. Funding: $173 Million
. Funding rounds: 48

My Mandi

It wants to provide a one-stop shop, an online platform to cart pushers. Eventually, it wants to add other value-added services in a phased manner. The startup will utilize the fresh capital for building technology and distribution strength. “My Mandi is a B2B marketplace for the cart-pusher community.

MyMandi facilitates vegetable cart pushers and street vendors to purchase groceries directly through their app, delivering to their doorsteps. Focused on the often-overlooked segment of cart pushers, MyMandi has attracted over 1,000 users, reducing costs and negotiation time. Operating in four states, their revenue surged from 10 lakh rupees in January 2022 to 70 lakh rupees in March 2023. With a 14 crore rupees investment.

. Started in: 2022
. Founders: Mahanaaryaman Scindia.
. Industries: vegetable
. Number of employees: 41-60
. Funding: $487.0k
. Funding rounds: 1
. Number of investors: 4

In conclusion, Madhya Pradesh has witnessed a burgeoning startup ecosystem, with several promising ventures making their mark in various industries. The top 7 growing startups in the region showcase a diverse range of innovations, from technology-driven solutions to social impact initiatives. These companies not only contribute to the economic development of the state but also reflect the entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism present in Madhya Pradesh.

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