Top 7 Emerging Startups in Gujrat

Top 7 Emerging Startups in Gujrat

Gujarat, where innovation meets entrepreneurship, giving rise to a wave of emerging startups that are reshaping the business ecosystem. In this exploration, we will delve into the top seven startups that have been making waves in Gujarat, showcasing their ingenuity, resilience, and potential to transform industries. From cutting-edge technology solutions to sustainable ventures, these startups embody the spirit of innovation that defines Gujarat as a burgeoning hub for entrepreneurial excellence. Join us on this journey as we unravel the stories behind the Top 7 Emerging Startups in Gujarat, each contributing to the state’s reputation as a fertile ground for groundbreaking ideas and business ventures.

Zero Cow Factory

They are reinventing the meaning of traditional dairy and food industry by producing India’s first animal-free milk protein and dairy products (certainly a world’s first A2 milk protein) using bioengineering the microbes & precision fermentation. They are developing a technology to reproduce milk proteins to craft real dairy products that are ethical, safe, delicious, and identical to cow milk without any animal involved.

The company has developed a patented technology to produce dairy proteins such as casein & whey, without any animal being involved. Zero Cow Factory is focused on animal-free casein production which is a complex protein and hasn’t been commercialized by any company globally.

Details of startups

Started in: 2021
. Founders: Parini Kapadia
. Industries: Milk &Milk production
. Number of employees: 1-10
. Funding: $42.8K
. Funding rounds: 1
. Number of investors: 6

Star Lab

STAR stands for Space Technology & Aeronautical Rocketry. STAR was incepted in 2015 as a Rocket Club in India with a vision to build an ecosystem of Space Education & Space Research. In 2018, STAR got incorporated as Avkashyaan Private Limited and also got recognized under Startup India by DIPP. STAR has so far served thousands of students across India by providing them training, workshop and internship opportunities.STAR, the brand of Avkashyaan Private Limited, is a startup focused on space education and research. Their mission is to provide project-based learning experiences on space technology to aspiring space pioneers.

Details of Startups

Started in: 2018
. Founders: Nayna Paresh Kabrawala and Sunny Pradesh Kabadawala
. Industries: space technology and Rocketry
. Number of employees: 11-50


EVOCUS H2O is India’s first new-age, black alkaline bottled water brand, manufactured and marketed by A.V Organics LLP It is a new kind of water for the next generation, 100% natural, revolutionary, new-age, alkaline bottled water, that gets its unique black colour from 70+ organic minerals sourced from the depth of the Earth.

I have used this H2O since last year and its really great water not only me but also many celebrities used to drink this water like Virat Kholi always used to drink this water.

Started in: 2019
. Founders: Akash Vaghela
. Industries: H2O
. Number of employees: 75
. Funding:100M
. Funding rounds: 1
. Number of investors: 1

Charge Zone

CHARGE ZONE is a tech-driven EV Charging infrastructure company specializing in B2B and B2C charging services on both dedicated and opportunity based charging using smart-grid network. Based in India, with indigenous development of the technology of mobile-app and CMS with firmware/web-socket cloud based computing.

Charge Zone is a leading global EV charging company. Charge Zone® is one of the leading global companies to have a fully integrated technology, powered by software systems with hardware and renewable energy capabilities.

Started in: 2018
. Founders: Kartikey Hariyani
. Number of employees: 11-50
. Funding: $67.9M
. Funding rounds: 8
. Number of investors:6

Optimize Electrotech

Optimized Electrotech Private Limited (OEPL) is an Indian Electro-Optics company making Indigenously Designed, Developed and Manufactured (IDDM) Surveillance systems. The company was established in 2017 with a vision of creating a footprint in Indian Defense industry by providing cutting-edge solutions customized to India’s requirements.

Started in: 2017
. Founders: Anil Yakkala, Dharin Shah, Kuldeep Saxena, Purvi Shah, Sandeep Shah
. Number of employees: 11-50
. Funding: $5.2M
. Funding rounds: 5
. Number of investors:6

Just Dogs

Just dogs Founded in 2011 by Poorvi and Ashish Anthony, the diverse pet care retail chain
has spread its wings. In a decade, they have grown to more than 42 stores in 16 cities
across India, and a customer base of over two million happy pet parents. Their idea is to provide products and services that aid in a long, happy, and healthy life for pets.

Just Dogs provides dog and cat foods, supplements, accessories and other pet products through its platform. Their product portfolio includes foods, treats, chews, grooming, leash, collar, harness, cleaning and potty, flea and ticks, toys, crates and beds, and clothing.

Started in: 2011
. Founders: Aasish Antony, Poorvi Antony
. Number of employees: 61-100
. Funding: $530M
. Funding rounds: 1
. Number of investors:1

Pet Pooja

Petpooja with the mindset of making the unorganized sector of the F&B industry into a more systematic and methodical sector. The due were school friends, who reunited one single day to end up discussing their love for food in Ahmedabad city. 

Pet Pooja is the largest next-generation Po’s platform for the F&B sector with more than 50,000+ clients across India, UAE and South Africa. They work with multiple restaurants like LaPinoz, Hokko, Chicago Pizza, Beer Cafe, Kailash Parbat, Yum Yum Cha, Giani’s, Apsara Ice Cream, and many, many more.

Started in: 2011
. Founders: parthiv Patel, Apurv Patel
. Number of employees: 500-1000
. Funding: $8.9M
. Funding rounds: 3
. Number of investors:5

In conclusion, the landscape of emerging startups in Gujarat is a testament to the state’s commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. The Top 7 startups highlighted in this exploration represent a diverse range of industries, from technology to sustainability, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of Gujarat’s startup ecosystem.

As these startups continue to grow and evolve, they not only contribute to the economic development of the state but also serve as inspiring examples for aspiring entrepreneurs. Gujarat’s supportive infrastructure, coupled with the vision and determination of these startups, creates a promising environment for future innovation and business success.

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