Why WhatsApp Marketing is Important for Your Business?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over 2 billion users. While it was initially developed as a tool for personal communication, many businesses have started to use WhatsApp as a marketing platform. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of WhatsApp marketing and why businesses should consider using it as part of their marketing strategy.

1: Help keep your business separate from your personal life.

WhatsApp is a very social app and there are chances that you may put up a personal profile picture or share moments of your family on your WhatsApp status. This may be putting off your clients who may become skeptical of buying from you again. Whatsapp as a social media platform is simple to navigate through.

2:Direct and Personalised Communication

WhatsApp allows businesses to communicate with their customers directly and personally. Unlike other marketing channels, WhatsApp messages are sent directly to a customer’s phone, making it easier to build relationships and establish trust. Businesses can also customize messages and send personalized messages based on a customer’s interests and behavior.


WhatsApp offers several customization options, including personalized messages, images, and videos. This allows businesses to tailor their messages to their target audience and make their marketing campaigns more effective.

4:Can set Auto- Reply Option

Imagine you’re sleeping away or vacationing somewhere, does that mean you need to put a pause on your business? Technically, no. You can set up an auto-reply option wherein your users will get pre-set replies depending on their inputs.

 5:Hassle- Free Payments

 You can send and receive payments via Whatsapp! How cool is that? You can generate a lead, convert them into a consumer and receive payments all through your Whatsapp Business app. It has proved to be a safe payment method and thus, even consumers won’t hesitate. 
 6:Most Importantly, It’s Free
Small business owners are always tight on their budgets. WhatsApp recognized this and therefore kept their business app completely free just like the regular WhatsApp application. For a free price, the app gives a lot of brilliant business options.
WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform in the world. In 2020, its audience has grown up to 2 billion active users monthly. This marketing channel is a must-have for businesses that want to connect with audiences in developing countries. For instance, there are 340 million monthly WhatsApp users in India and almost 100 million in Brazil. However, the platform is also an excellent choice for promotions in the US market – 68 million Americans access WhatsApp at least once a month.
WhatsApp marketing allows you to stay in touch with your customers – more than half of WhatsApp users check the app every day. Better yet, you can be sure they will get your offers, as text messages have a 98% open rate.
The last point is that your customers love this communication channel. They trust brands with chat apps more – 53% of people say they would buy from companies they can reach via chat.
Profound relationships with customers
Over 55% of people feel more connected to a brand if they use messaging apps. It makes WhatsApp marketing a bulletproof strategy for building long profound relationships with customers. Maintaining such a connection, in turn, helps brands cut expenditures as customer retention is 5-25 times cheaper than acquisition.
Out of the box, WhatsApp provides business with a robust set of opportunities for personalization. For instance, you can send personalized welcome messages, special offers, birthday congratulations, and so on. Such an approach keeps customers more engaged with a brand – over 70% of consumers say they engage only with personalized marketing messages.

The Benefits of WhatsApp Business.

1. Convenient Two-Way Communications

WhatsApp Business gives companies a way to engage in two-way messaging with customers through an app they’re likely already using for everyday chat conversations. The app offers businesses a convenient and direct gateway to a variety of customer communications and campaigns.

2. Improved Customer Care

Gone are the days of frustrating customer service and support calls, long hold times, never-ending routing to agents, and backlogged support emails. WhatsApp Business provides companies with a personal environment to chat with customers in real-time. By providing the information and support your customers are looking for, WhatsApp Business fosters loyalty and trust.

3. Brand-Verified Conversations

Every business must create a “Business Profile” on WhatsApp, a unique business identity that injects branding elements into your WhatsApp conversations. You can add contact numbers, website URLs, store locations, promotional details, and more. WhatsApp Business also lets you add multimedia to messages, including images, videos, and documents.

4. Global Reach

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in more than 100 countries, with a global customer base of more than 2 billion, making it a perfect channel for businesses to reach captive audiences. 

5. Automatically Initiate More Conversations 

Once users have opted in to receive WhatsApp messages from your business, you can create template messages that notify customers to take the next step and start a conversation. 
By imposing strict policies for content quality and response times, WhatsApp ensures users don’t receive spammy or irrelevant communications. WhatsApp also requires business users to respond to incoming customer messages within 24 hours using a non-templated message.

6. Added Security With Customer Messaging Opt-In

Managing various regulations and compliance laws can be a huge headache for businesses. 
WhatsApp bakes in security features like end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication to keep both consumers and businesses safe. WhatsApp Business also verifies your business account upon registration, ensuring customers of your identity when they opt-in to receive your texts and communications.

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